Commission Contract

Affiliate Commission Contract

This contract is an agreement between ODKay and the salespersons. This agreement IS as defined below.

  • The salesperson will receive a set percentage of 10% after each sale has been completed as according to the following;
  • The customer has successfully created an account on
  • The customer has successfully created and submitted an order.
  • The customer payment has been fully processed.

Upon completion of these terms, ODKay will pay the salesperson up to the “agreed upon” amount as stated above.

The salesperson also understands and agrees to the following, when speaking about ODKay to any one customer or public, the salesperson will act in the best interest of ODKay to represent and maintain a professional manner. If any of these terms that have been agreed upon are broken in any form, ODKay has the right and will terminate this contract, including any pending sales that the salespersons have made.